If your biggest customer experiences network failure, your company's reputation could be seriously damaged.

When something that valuable is at stake, you need a partner who can give you the assurance that your networks will continue to meet and exceed your customer's expectations.

You need HP.

We'll help you solve network problems your customers don't even know you have.

You see, HP is the company that offer extensive expertise in both test knowledge allows us to offer you complete test systems, not just boxes. That's a significant advantage in this age of shrinking staff and tighter budgets.

We can give you over 100 test solutions -from portable protocol analyzers designed to maximize the efficiency of your technicians, to completely integrated monitoring systems which give you a more confident competitive edge.

Like being able to detect and isolate problems before you hear about them from your customers.

Our reputation is built on protecting yours.

You should be able to expect a higher level of quality and service from a worldwide test and measurement corporation that's been around for over 54 years.

That's why with HP, you get mover than a supplier. You get a long-term commitment to rugged, reliable equipment. On-site installation and training. Plus all the one-on-one support you need.

Call your HP sales office, or one of the numbers listed below for a free Telecom Test Products brochure.

And see why you'll feel safer every time you think of us.

There is a better way.

In Central America contact the folowing HP Test & Measuremento Distributors:
Costa Rica: I.S. Costa Rica, Ph:(506)233-3722,
Fax: (506) 255-3528; Panama:Electronico Balboa,
Ph: (507)236-0722, Fax:(507)236-1820; Mexico:
HP Mexico, Ph:(52-5)326-4389, Fax(52-5) 326-4301
in other C.A. countries HP Latin America
(Miami): Fax:(305)267-4288
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